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All Raise Boston Chapter: Good Guys - Men Who Help Women Succeed

The “Good Guys: Men Who Help Women Succeed” event will include some of Boston’s awesome male investors who have gone above and beyond supporting women they believe in. They will share stories about the big and small actions they have taken to increase national representation of female VCs and VC funded female founders.

This discussion will be relevant for both men and women, and will include a breakout room discussion, so come with questions and comments ready and please encourage a male mentor or associate to join!

Agenda: (subject to change)

4:00 - 4:45pm ET - Panel discussion, moderated by Julia Brady (Valo Ventures) Panelists: Chip Hazard (Flybridge), Daniel Acheampong (Visible Hands), Adrian Mendoza (Mendoza Ventures), Rana El Kalioby (Smart Eye), Lily Lyman (Underscore VC), and Sarah McCrary (GasBuddy).

4:45 - 5:15pm ET - Breakout Rooms Hosts: Mike Troiano (G20), Rick Grinnell (Glasswing), Chris Gardner (Underscore VC), Scott Tierney, Subodh Gupta and Sam Suskind (Valo Ventures), Charlie Hipwood (MassVentures), Danielle Johnson (Spark Fm Online), Veronica Armstrong (Isle De Nature), and Henry Ogbuagu (Vencapital).

Discussion to follow panel with room hosts and panelists joining smaller groups. Hosts will give female founders an opportunity to discuss their experiences: Do you think you have experienced gender bias in your current position? What are some examples? What are the best ways male allies can make an impact on a woman’s career and standing in the business community?

5:15 - 5:30pm ET - Closing Remarks

  • Chip Hazard Flybridge
  • Daniel Acheampong Visible Hands
  • Adrian Mendoza Mendoza Ventures
  • Rana El Kaliouby Smart Eye
  • Lily Lyman Underscore VC
  • Sarah McCrary GasBuddy
  • Julia Brady Valo Ventures
    Breakout Hosts
  • Mike Troiano G20
  • Rick Grinnell Glasswing
  • Chris Gardner Underscore VC
  • Scott Tierney Valo Ventures
  • Subodh Gupta Valo Ventures
  • Sam Suskind Valo Ventures
  • Charlie Hipwood MassVentures
  • Danielle Johnson Spark Fm Online
  • Veronica Armstrong Isle De Nature
  • Henry Ogbuagu Vencapital

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