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Founder Playbook: Raising a Series A

One of the hardest questions to answer when considering a Series A round is, “When is my company ready?” There seem to be hundreds of answers, none of which are particularly satisfying. Join us for a conversation with founders Carolyn Witte, Co-Founder & CEO at Tia, & Kerrigan Behrens, Co-Founder & CEO at Sagely Naturals, moderated by Denise Umubyeyi, Co-Founder at Five to Nine, for an up-close look at their Series A success stories.

Watch the video recap below

Click here for the transcription of the event

  • Carolyn Witte Co-Founder & CEO at Tia
  • Kerrigan Behrens Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Sagely Naturals
  • Denise Umubyeyi Co-Founder at Five to Nine

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