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Fundraising in Uncertain Times: Whether or How to Raise Right Now (Consumer Seed Track)

Fundraising is a big question mark for every founder right now. And if you’re a consumer startup in the post-seed stage, the nuances are even more complex.

We were lucky enough to get advice from two All Raise founding team members and VCs, Kirsten Green and Rebecca Kaden, in our latest digital event for entrepreneurs.

Kirsten is the Managing Director of Forerunner Ventures, where she’s backed over 80 companies, including breakout hits like Birchbox, Glossier, and Bonobos. Rebecca is a journalist-turned-VC, and is now a Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures. She’s been behind countless success stories, including Twitter, Stripe, and Coinbase.

Below is a shortened version of their conversation on what consumer startups should be thinking about as they approach investors, along with their predictions on how investing will evolve in this new world.

Read the full interview on our blog

  • Kirsten Green Managing Partner at Forerunner Ventures
  • Rebecca Kaden Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures

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