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What Enterprise VCs Are Telling Their Portfolio Right Now

Just like the rest of us, enterprise startups are in a strange spot in these strange times — some are accelerating, while others are just trying to stay afloat. As an early-stage founder, how should you think about your next move if you’re in either situation?

We sat down with Lan Xuezhao and Jodi Sherman Jahic, two successful early-stage enterprise investors, during All Raise’s virtual events series, to hear their takes on fundraising, survival tactics, and the silver lining for entrepreneurs who can endure.

Lan Xuezhao started Basis Set Ventures, an early-stage fund that invests in companies changing the future of work, after spending formative years at Dropbox and McKinsey. Wireless tech veteran Jodi Sherman Jahic has been investing for over 20 years, and started Aligned Partners to bring her expertise in enterprise to early-stage founders.

Here’s a breakdown of Lan and Jodi’s conversation about what’s on the horizon for enterprise startups.

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  • Lan Xuezhao Founding and Managing Partner at Basis Set Ventures
  • Jodi Sherman Jahic Founding and Managing Partner at Aligned Partners

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