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How Deals Are Done

All Raise is coming to Boston! A storied city with a long history in shaping venture, Boston was recently recognized as one of the best places for female founders to raise funds with a number of amazing women-led VC firms. With this natural groundswell, Boston was an obvious choice as the next location to open an All Raise chapter and grow our movement.

Our programs give women access, guidance, and support at every step in their entrepreneurial journeys. For founders, that means we’re there to accelerate their successes, from their first fundraise through their successful exits in building category-defining and disruptive businesses. Similarly, for women investors, we accelerate their rise from analysts to general partners or from operators to investors. And we know networks matter, so we are thrilled to link arms with the founders, funders, partners, and allies within Boston to continue building a new version of visionary across the tech ecosystem.

To celebrate today’s launch, we are hosting an event with one of our national sponsors, EY. “How Deals Are Done” covers important questions about due diligence, fundraising, and company exits. We want to help founders and funders alike be prepared and avoid “gotchas” when they pursue strategic agreements and investments.

A special thank you to a few founding members of All Raise who helped us establish ourselves in Boston and continue to offer us invaluable counsel: Dayna Grayson (NEA) and Katie Rae (The Engine).

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All Raise photograph
All Raise photograph

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