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Latinx Female Founders: What to Consider When Raising Pre-Seed

Are you a Latinx female founder looking to fundraise? Do you know what's required in order to raise a successful round? Are you aware of what fundraising alternatives exist? Get these questions answered and more during our panel discussion about determining the right type of financing for your company and how to achieve success in fundraising. 

All Raise & Latinx VC are excited to to have Beatriz Acevedo (CEO & Co-Founder of Suma Wealth), who will lead a conversation with Jomayra Herrera (Investor at Cowboy Ventures), Ilse Calderon (Senior Associate at OVO Fund), Cheryl Campos (Director of Growth & Partnerships at Republic), and Maria Salamanca (Principal at Unshackled Ventures). Each VC will share her perspective on fundraising and the different paths a founder can take to raise capital that’s best for her company.

  • Cheryl Campos Director of Growth & Partnerships at Republic
  • Ilse Calderon Senior Associate at OVO Fund
  • Jomayra Herrera Investor at Cowboy Ventures
  • Maria Salamanca Principal at Unshackled Ventures
  • Beatriz Acevedo CEO & Co-Founder of Suma Wealth

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