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Nevertheless, She Persisted

Holly Liu, co-founder of mobile gaming company Kabam, shares advice to founders about braving hard times.

Concerned about how to navigate these uncertain times while operating your startup? Here is some practical advice from someone who has been there, and whose company “lived” to tell the story.

Holly Liu is the co-founder of Kabam, a mobile gaming company. In 2008, Kabam’s Series B term sheets were signed. On the day the money was to be wired, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns collapsed and the Great Recession of 2008 began. With no investment coming and ad revenues disappearing, Holly and her team pivoted and built Kabam. In 2017, it sold for $1 billion.

No doubt, we are in a historic moment as the world hunkers down in this global pandemic. The ensuing financial downturn created by the pandemic is no friend to company founders. Holly Liu shares what she learned during the 2008 recession, providing guidance for companies on how to navigate through the uncertainty.

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  • Holly Liu Co-founder of Kabam

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