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Latinx VCs Talk Pathways into Venture and Deal Flow

We don’t often hear stories about how women made their way into venture. In a time when we are all learning to pivot and adapt, join All Raise & Latinx VC to hear from Latina VCs and how they navigated their career paths to find success today. They will be sharing the differences among tech ecosystems across the country — from Miami, Chicago, LA, and the Bay Area — and highlighting their unique insight on their investment approach, deal flow, while building their brand. Don’t miss out hearing the unique perspective of these incredibly successful Latinx investors!

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Watch the video recap below 

  • Carmen Palafox Partner at MiLA Capital
  • Monica Black Founder & Managing Director at Function
  • Samara Mejia Hernandez Founding Partner at Chingona Ventures
  • Sergio Marrero Managing Partner at Rebel One

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