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Remote Pitching during COVID for Founders

I recently presented a webinar to the All Raise community as part of our National Partnership announcement and M12’s Action Plan Series of content to support startup founders during this difficult economic time. My goal with this content was to equip founders with guidance for navigating digital engagement with investors, offer questions to anticipate for COVID-era fundraising, and provide best practices for delivering a great remote pitch. I want to arm founders with as many tools in their arsenal as possible to succeed while pitching, and avoid some of the common communication pitfalls I have seen since the onset of the COVID era and digital-only pitch meetings.

While the full extent of the economic impact of COVID-19 is still unclear and these are uniquely turbulent and unprecedented times we’re living in, many VCs are still in business, and the best companies are still getting funded. 

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  • Priyanka Mitra Principal at M12

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