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Startup Mentors, Advisors and Boards

Join us to learn more about what do these people do? What’s the difference in these roles? How do you find them? How do you compensate them for their efforts for you? The event will focus on the roles that these folks can play in your startup and when you might want them. This session is ideal for anyone with a current startup or even just thinking about getting one off the ground. We’ll be joined by Boston-area experts in supporting startups; we’ll get them to weigh in on these questions and others, and you can fire your own questions at them too! The panel discussion will run for an hour. Stay on for some informal networking in Zoom breakout rooms starting at 5pm ET.

  • Danielle Johnson Founder, Spark FM Online
  • Carol Meyers Venture Partner, Growth, Advisor, Former CMO at Rapid7
  • Kirk Arnold CEO, Board Member, Advisor, Mentor
  • Emily Green CEO, Board Member, Advisor, Mentor
  • Holly Maloney Managing Director General Catalyst

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