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Working From Home as a Working Mom

An Interview with working moms Pam Kostka, Shilla Kim-Parker, Sofya Polyakov, and Sarah Lacy

It’s challenging to be a mom boss, even in the best of times. But because of the pandemic, many are now home taking on another role of full-time teacher and caregiver.

Our CEO Pam Kostka spoke with three founders on the ins and outs of working from home as a mother during this crisis. Sarah Lacy, CEO and founder of Chairman Mom, Shilla Kim-Parker, CEO and founder of Thrilling, and Sofya Polyakov, CEO and co-founder of the Noun Project and Lingo, shared helpful insights for all women going through these challenging times.

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  • Pam Kostka CEO of All Raise
  • Sarah Lacy CEO and founder of Chairman Mom
  • Shilla Kim-Parker CEO and founder of Thrilling
  • Sofya Polyakov CEO and co-founder of Noun Project

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