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Board Xcelerate

A 90-day program to tackle the urgent problem of the lack of diversity at the board level with a new approach — bringing powerful stakeholders together to design the solution.

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Change starts at the top. Introducing the @AllRaise #BoardXcelerate program, designed to add underrepresented executives to boards of private tech companies — in 90 days. #NowBoarding


Demographically diverse boards of directors lead to better results — they drive higher returns, decrease risk, and increase key performance metrics.

It’s time to accelerate access for women, non-binary individuals, and those from underrepresented groups to these critical decision-making roles at the board level — and keep them there. Change starts at the top. 

With Board Xcelerate, All Raise taps into the power of our community to place accomplished, board-ready and board-proven leaders onto the boards of high-growth, private tech companies, delivering a finalist candidate within 90 days.


Board searches don't need to take 9 months. We conduct a thoughtful, tailored search process - designed to minimize disruption to a CEO’s time while maximizing access to a qualified, diverse slate of candidates. We conduct searches across all sectors and deliver a finalist candidate within 90 days.

Step 1

Powerful Start

Jumpstart the program with a call to gather requirements and review the vetting, interview, and offer process. Based on input by the CEO and key stakeholders, we create all the relevant materials to run the search — from board spec, to company pitch, to compensation benchmarks.

Step 2

Access Best Fit Candidates

Tap the All Raise network to quickly and efficiently surface qualified women and/or other underrepresented executives. Our network includes 20,000 iconic founders, investors and operators. There is no one we can’t access through the All Raise partner network including Silicon Valley Bank, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs; VC/PE funds, and other organizations focused on increasing diversity in tech: BLCK VC, Latinx VC and Valence.

Step 3

Continual Calibration and Guidance

Regular calls ensure the best-fit director is delivered. Our guidance and best practices around screening, BOD interview templates, independent BOD compensation data and more gives you a competitive advantage with high demand candidates.

Step 4

Land Your Next BOD Member

Our goal is to have a high-caliber independent director from an underrepresented group* sign as a board member within 90 days of launching the search. *We are following the California State definition of “underrepresented community”: those who identify as Black, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Native Hawaiian or Alaska Native, or as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

Get Started: Harness the power of All Raise and the Board Xcelerate Program


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  • Interested in being considered for Board opportunities through the Board Xcelerate program? Contact:

Our Partners

Program Founding Partners

Each founding program partner represents a critical aspect of the system, and each one is committed to doing their part to effect change and increase representation on boards. GGV CapitalSequoiaSapphire Ventures, and 3FORTY3

Venture Capital Partners

We have access to top-tier board director seats across the portfolios of leading VC firms like Sequoia, GGV CapitalSapphire Ventures, BatteryBessemer Ventures PartnersCowboy VenturesGreycroftGreylock PartnersIVPLightspeed Venture Partners, and Playground Global who have committed to offering the Board Xcelerate program for their portfolio companies’ board searches.

Retained Executive Search Firm Partners

We match your needs to the highest quality search firms that bring best practices to the table for the most successful, efficient placements. Partners: 3FORTY3Heidrick & StrugglesRich Talent Group, Focus Search Partners, and SEBA Search

Value Partners

Other organizations supporting the success of our board directors: Aon’s rewards solutions business to leverage their Radford compensation data for fair and transparent board insights; Extraordinary Women on Boards (EWOB) and Him for Her to provide our newly placed board members with support, guidance, and access to their community of experienced women board directors; and Valence to tap into their incredible talent community. 

Advisory Committee

Our advisory committee includes the most in-demand founders, operators, and veteran board directors who contribute their expertise and broker access to vetted talent in their networks.

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“I am thrilled that All Raise connected WorkBoard with Margo Georgiadis. Margo is an exceptional leader and very accomplished CEO; her experience using OKRs to drive sharp focus, fast growth and high alignment and her belief in an outcome mindset will help us amplify our value to enterprises.”

— Deidre Paknad, CEO and Co-Founder of WorkBoard

All Raise photograph

“What struck me about Board Xcelerate was the goal of removing friction for the CEOs of high-growth private companies to connect with qualified, diverse board candidates. The match was obvious to both me and Ryan, Electric’s CEO - I knew my experience was relevant and that I could add value to the board from an operators’ perspective. The company is about to go through another stage of high growth and through several critical milestones, and I look forward to helping the team navigate the future.”

— Emmanuelle Skala, Board Member of Electric and SVP of Customer Success at Toast

All Raise photograph

“Selecting a board member is a massive responsibility. These are big decisions that need to be made thoughtfully but also efficiently. We knew that partnering with All Raise on our independent director search would give us the leverage to move fast and find the best candidates. All Raise has made it so easy that if you’re a CEO, there’s no excuse not to do this. Our hope is that programs like this are just the beginning of a more positive and inclusive tech industry.”

— Ryan Denehy, CEO and Founder of Electric

All Raise photograph

“The diversity of ideas, backgrounds and life experiences of our team members is what fuels our ability to continue to create, and come up with new ideas. We’ve been excited to work with the team at All Raise because of their incredible community of accomplished and diverse leaders, and their ability to help us attract, engage, and ultimately onboard leaders and board members.”

— Steve Sloan, CEO of Contentful

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“All Raise is playing an important role in creating connections, opening doors and amplifying the voices of women leaders across industries. They are creating meaningful change in how boards are built, with the representation of diverse backgrounds and experiences.”

— Vidya Peters, Board Member of InfluxData and CMO at Marqueta