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We bring female founders, funders, and operators together to connect and learn. Come for the inspiring speakers and conversations, stay for the energizing community.

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    11am - 12pm PT
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    Virtual workshop via ZOOM

    Founder Playbook: Raising a Series A with Helen Adeosun

    One of the hardest questions to answer when considering a Series A round is, “When is my company ready?” There seem to be hundreds of answers, none of which are particularly satisfying. Join us for a conversation with Helen Adeosun, CEO & Founder of CareAcademy, moderated by Kimberly Foster, investor at Launch with Goldman Sachs, for an up-close look at a Series A success story. Helen will walk us through the step by step on how she fundraised in her early stages and soft-circled investors to create FOMO.

    • Helen Adeosun CEO + Founder CareAcademy
    • Kimberly Foster Investor at Launch with Goldman Sachs


  2. Nov


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    Virtual workshop via ZOOM

    LP Series: Pitch Decks & LP Relationship Building

    Join us for an information packed session on pitch decks and building relationships with LPs. Jaclyn Hester, Partner at Foundry Group, will lead us with a lightning talk on pitch decks followed by a panel with Lo Toney, Founding Managing Partner at Plexo Capital and Graham Pingree, Partner at Cendana Capital who will share their perspectives and insights on what emerging managers need to know as they develop their LP relationships.

    • Jaclyn Hester Partner at Foundry Group
    • Lo Toney Founding Managing Partner at Plexo Capital
    • Graham Pingree Partner at Cendana Capital


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