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We bring female founders, funders, and operators together to connect and learn. Come for the inspiring speakers and conversations, stay for the energizing community.

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  1. Oct


    11-12pm PT
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    Virtual workshop via ZOOM

    Founder Playbook: Raising a Series A through a Marketing Lens

    Curious about how marketing strategy shifts from the early stages of raising to Series A and how it informs a founder and their team in building out their pitch deck? Join us for a conversation with Alexandra Zatarain, Co-Founder & Head of Brand and Marketing at Eight Sleep, moderated by Jacqueline Ros Amable, Managing Director at NextCorps, for an up-close look at a Series A marketing success story. Alexandra will share key metrics that investors were seeking how she supported her team in getting ready to pitch.

    • Alexandra Zatarain Co-Founder & Head of Brand and Marketing at Eight Sleep
    • Jacqueline Ros Amable Managing Director at NextCorps


  2. Oct


    11am - 12pm PT
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    Virtual workshop via ZOOM

    Latinx VCs Talk Pathways into Venture and the Future of Work

    We don’t often hear stories about how women made their way into venture. In a time when we are all learning to pivot and adapt, join All Raise & Latinx VC to hear from four Latina VCs and how they navigated their career paths to find success today. They will be sharing the differences among tech ecosystems across the country — from Miami, Chicago, LA, and the Bay Area — and highlighting their unique insight on their investment approach, deal flow, and sectors that they are watching and developing networks in. Don’t miss out hearing the unique perspective of these incredibly successful Latinx investors!

    • Carmen Palafox Partner at MiLA Capital
    • Monica Black Founder & Managing Director at Function
    • Samara Mejia Hernandez Founding Partner at Chingona Ventures
    • Sergio Marrero Managing Partner at Rebel One


  3. Oct


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    All Raise VC Summit 2020

    The All Raise VC Summit is the largest convening of active investors for networking, learning, and deal-sharing. Get ready to strengthen existing and forge new relationships with the most powerful people in the industry! We welcome female investors in technology (not including healthcare and biotech) from venture capital, growth equity, and corporate VC firms, as well as angel groups, based in the US.

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